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  Coplay Saengerbund Heritage Centennial Committee
In 1917 a small group of immigrants from central Europe (primarily of Austrian/German descent) from the Coplay/Northampton area had the foresight and initiative to come together and form the Coplay Saengerbund. The primary purpose of the Saengerbund as envisioned by these original founders was to provide a facility where many of our immigrant grandparents and great grandparents could come together to socialize, to provide a support organization for each other, to sing songs and to promote the heritage and customs of these central European countries.
In 2017 the Coplay Saengerbund will be celebrating the Centennial Anniversary of its founding. Since its formation the Saengerbund has not only grown in membership but also in facilities. Today we have a ballroom on the main level in addition to the original upstairs dance area and bar, bowling alleys, a modern kitchen, a parking lot, a war memorial and an outside grove area that is the envy of many other clubs. In reviewing the first one hundred years it becomes quite obvious that continuation and growth of our club was not without problems. During these years our members have witnessed prohibition, the roaring twenties, a great depression, and many members served in World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam wars.
It now becomes the responsibility of our generation to again recognize the foresight of these and the many other individuals who have maintained and supported the Coplay Saengerbund through its first one hundred years. Toward this end we are trying to organize working groups and committees who can help us maintain, recognize and reenergize and celebrate the heritage aspects of the Coplay Saengerbund that these original members deemed so important.
While the actual anniversary year is still four years away, if we do not start now, we cannot and should not expect our Centennial celebration to be something that would make our past members proud. Only by starting to plan now will we be afforded the opportunities to discuss, schedule and organize for this event.
Some of the ideas that have been discussed to date include: gathering pictures from club events, weddings, meetings, early Christmas parties for children, dances, and past Stiftungsfests etc. so that they can be scanned and placed on DVDs; development of a program booklet for the Centennial, inviting of other organizations to join in our celebration, building up to the year 2017 by scheduling events in the years prior to 2017; the formation of a German Kinder Choir; a Youth Ethnic Dance group; involvement of our singing groups the Hianzich and Saengerbund Chorus; involvement of other singing groups from the area; inviting of the Burgenland delegation to participate; fund raising for the centennial and involvement of bands who have performed at the Saengerbund in years past.
We invite everybody to help us plan and make these events a success, we need ideas, volunteers and all kinds of help. Meetings for this Centennial Heritage planning take place immediately following the normal Saengerbund general membership meetings (7:30 PM) on the last Wednesday of every month. Please come out and help us make this Centennial celebration a success, any ideas and efforts that you can provide are always appreciated. As meetings proceed we will post minutes of these meetings on the bulletin board at the club and periodically update this website with information. Remember any help you can provide no matter how small is greatly appreciated. If you have any questions or suggestions, please give Frank Luizer a call at 610-440-0481 or email Frank at frankluizer@rcn.com.